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About Carole

Hello, I am Carole. My students call me Coco.
In 2014, I started practicing Ashtanga Yoga, which quickly became a daily practice for me. This dedication took me all the way to Mysore, India, where I studied Ashtanga, including practicing under the guidance of Paramaguru Sharath Jois. Committed to honoring the tradition as taught by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois, I share my knowledge with passion and devotion, always knowing there is more to learn and remaining a constant student and practitioner.

After teaching in Cairo, Egypt, I now call Portugal home and welcome students to my classes on the beautiful Madeira Island, where I teach at my studio in Funchal. I believe in how Ashtanga Yoga can heal, connecting the body and mind deeply, and how conscious breathing can help us manage our emotions with grace. This practice has profoundly helped me on a personal level, and I have experienced its healing power in my own life. I am happy to share it with those who are looking to work on themselves. I am forever grateful for all my teachers and students and will continue to share my love of Ashtanga Yoga with dedication and joy.

About The Shala

My Shala is right in the center of Funchal. It's a small space, with lots of sunlight and good vibes. I prefer teaching smaller classes because I can give more attention to each student. I never teach more than 8 students in a class, and I actually prefer it to be around 6 students per class. This way, I can really focus on explaining things clearly, making adjustments, and ensuring everyone has a smooth and enjoyable practice. And I enjoy it too!

The small shala is on the second floor of an old building in Praça do Município, right in the heart of Funchal. Just outside my windows is a beautiful tree that blooms with pink flowers at the end of summer with a sight of the mountains and the fountain in the middle of the praça.